Why doesn’t my dog listen to me?

Do you ever have the feeling that no one is listening to you? This feeling can even apply to our canine friends. Does your dog sometimes seem to go ‘selectively deaf’? Especially once he/ she is off the lead and has their nose to the ground. The problem, in this case, is how do you know that your beloved dog will return to you if they’re off the lead? Once that selective hearing has kicked in, how do you know they will come back, once called?

Here at Short bark N’ Strides, I am able to help you and your dog learn games and strategies to ensure they are able to run free, and safely. I am fully trained in dog recall by the Institute of Modern Dog Trainers. The techniques I use are based on reward and actually train your dog to want to do as he is asked and return to you each time they are called. This is the most important skill your dog can learn.

Recall training Short Bark N' Strides

This is Belle! A few weeks ago, I received a message, asking to help with some training. The issue being, that Belle, had pretty much ‘no recall’… and this was causing quite some stress for her lovely owner

We set to work, with lots of games and strategies, and got the kids involved too!

Here she is today, loving life, running free on the beach, recalling beautifully from dogs, and people with picnics!! Absolutely wonderful!!

I love it!! Well done Belle! And mum and dad !!!

Belle’s owners were delighted with the progress on a recent holiday at the beach. Belle was a star student and recalled perfectly each time, even with all the delightful smells and distractions of the beach.

“I asked Sinead to come to the house to work on recall for my very cheeky sproodle Belle. Being part Springer Belle would often have her nose to the ground and have that ‘selective’ hearing when it came to coming back to me on walks. It made me nervous and I had stopped letting her off the lead. Sinead gave me some games to play at home to encourage recall and some tips to work on with Belle as a family. I have recently been to Cornwall and can’t tell you how lovely it was to have Belle completely off lead running into the water having fun and coming back every single time I called her (even when she had made friends with other dogs or wanted to join others picnics 🤣) I couldn’t have done it without Sinead’s help! She was honest, realistic and most importantly she was completely dog driven. All aspects of the the training were fun and enjoyable for Belle! Thank you so much”

Belle’s proud owners
If you would like help with training your dog to respond perfectly once called, get in touch!

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