Welcome to Short Bark ‘N’ Strides

I’m Sinead. I run Short Bark ‘n’ Strides.

I am a qualified dog trainer, having undertaken training with the institute of modern dog trainers, a trainee behaviourist, with the School of Canine Science, a dog walker, specialising in training walks, and 5 * dog boarder licensed by Trafford Council.

I am also a Kids Around Dogs approved professional, which is a specialist area of interest (and knowledge of mine), due to also being a qualified children’s social worker.

I love dogs and love working with people and families, so this is the perfect blend of my knowledge and skills.

How I can help?

Dog Training and behaviour consultations
Dog Walking ( including Training Walks)
Training Workshops
Kids Around Dogs Practitioner
Home Visits For Cats and Small Animals
Home Boarding For Dogs

Experienced Dog trainer

I am passionate about animals, especially dogs. Our own dog, Mr. Red is a key member of our family and always welcoming to our guests. With years of experience as a dog owner and additional training from The Institute of Modern Dog Training, Kids Around Dogs and the School Of Canine Science, I have the skills to help with your dog training, boarding, or walking.

Dog Training

Does your dog pull on the lead, not respond once called, appear anxious around strangers or other dogs, or act possessively over their food or toys? I can help! My experience and studies, make training sessions with me the ideal solution to your dog’s training needs. With praise and reward-led training, I can help you and your pet learn new techniques and strategies to manage those challenging situations.

Kids Around Dogs Training

Kids Around Dogs is an award-winning association of Dog Professionals and Child Care Professionals who specialise in helping families with children to train their dogs and live in harmony together.” Kids Around Dogs

I am the only approved Kids Around Dogs Professional in the area. As a social worker and dog trainer, I aim to specifically support families with their dogs and families with training support, preparation for bringing a baby home, planning on bringing children into the household, and adopters / foster carers.

I am particularly interested in helping children who are fearful around dogs. I teach children how to recognise a dog’s body language, and how to behave around new dogs.

Training Workshops

I also coordinate with another experienced dog trainer to offer small group training workshops. These workshops are created to offer tips, techniques and effective strategies to improve such things as recall and loose lead walking. Keep an eye on my Facebook page for new workshop announcements!

Smiling dog Short Bark N' Strides

Experienced Dog Walker

Busy working lives can mean that we might struggle to get home to our pets during the day. Sometimes, people might just need help in ensuring their dog has adequate exercise in a day. This is where I can help.

Daily walks

I can pop into your home and take your dog for a stimulating walk to make sure that they are exercised physically and stimulated mentally.

Training Walks

We are very fortunate to live so close to the countryside, with extensive meadows and woods to exercise your dog. I am available for regular walks and also training walks, to encourage your pet to improve their ” loose-lead” walking and recall.

Home boarding at Short Bark N Strides

Experienced Dog Boarder

Being confident that your beloved family pet is well looked after when you go away from home, is so important. Peace of mind means that you can enjoy your holiday, without wondering if your pet is well-cared for. As our recent guests are demonstrating in this picture, we offer a “home from home” dog boarding service

Dog Boarding

When your pet stays with us at Short Bark ‘N’ Strides, we treat them as one of the family. Even Mr. Red gets in on the act and is very accustomed to welcoming new visitors into his home. Your pet will be treated as if they are our own, played with and walked, and given plenty of fuss and attention. I will send you regular updates and photographs, so that you can enjoy your time away, happy in the knowledge that your dog is enjoying their holiday too!

Home vsits for cats at Short Bark 'N' Strides

We also offer home visits

Cats and smaller pets don’t always need to go into holiday boarding and are often happier in their own environment. In these cases, we are able to offer home visits.

Home Visits

Should your cat be happier to stay at home, we are able to offer daily visits , to feed and check their water. We also take time to play with your cat if they are home when we call, and ensure that they have been given some attention and a bit of a head scratch!

Should you require a visit to a smaller pet, such as a rabbit or a hamster, we can do that too!

Contact me to arrange training, walks or boarding