How to teach your dog to walk on a lead?

I got talking to a lady yesterday, whilst shopping, not walking.

She told me she lives with a large breed dog, and that she cannot walk her dog, and her husband has to walk their lovely dog, as he pulls on the lead so much. I just want to say to people, please, please don’t struggle like this. You absolutely can train your dog to walk on a loose lead, and I can help! It takes consistency, time, and a lot of patience. But it can be done.

It does make me feel a little sad, when people feel like this, as changes really can be made!!

Some dogs and sometimes, specific breeds can be real pullers. You might find yourself, arm outstretched, being effectively dragged along the path, while your dog literally leads the way.

Getting your dog to “loose lead” walk is the answer. It basically means that you train your dog to walk with a slack, relaxed lead, by your side.

Here at Short Bark ‘N’ Strides, I have taken a real interest in loose lead training and have trained extensively with the Institute of Modern Dog Trainers to teach you and your dog how to perfect this technique. This type of walking ensures that your exercise sessions are safe and relaxed and more enjoyable. With the correct techniques and some treats and encouragement, your dog can be taught to walk calmly by your side.

This gorgeous fella is Bailey. He is one of our recent success stories.

His loose lead walking is now fabulous. Well done Bailey and humans for your patience and perseverance. It has truly paid off!!

See you soon Bailey!

If you would like some help in training your dog to walk loosely on the lead, get in touch.

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