Did you know that we offer home visits for your cat too?

Short Bark ‘ N’ Strides certainly is known for excellent dog training, training walks, and 5-Star boarding. But did you know that we can also help with your feline friends too?

We offer drop-in visits, to feed your cat and make sure that if we see your feline friend we spend a few minutes playing with them and making a fuss of them. Cats are by nature a little more independent, so if you are going to be away from home for a few days, we can drop in and make sure they are fed and watered and that they are given some attention. In fact, we insist on being able to access your home to check your cat’s welfare.

We will not accept cat visiting jobs, where we do not visit your home at least once per day.

This is the only way we can effectively monitor your cat’s wellbeing. Even if they have a cat flap and slow feeders etc. We can tell, even if we don’t see them, how they’re eating etc.

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